A Few (very) Different Techniques

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A Few (very) Different Techniques Empty A Few (very) Different Techniques

Post  zartunze on Sun Oct 07, 2012 4:34 pm

Sup all. This is my first post. I'd like to share a few different techniques that I found in my internet endeavors...

The 4-4-8 Technique
I have a story for this one. One day, my friend who was new to meditation ended up cutting his hand open and he took a trip to the hospital. During that whole time, he was doing a meditative breathing technique that I linked him to. He managed to slow his heart rate down enough so that there was hardly any blood. The funny thing is, when they had him hooked up to a heart rate monitor, his BPM was so low...that the nurse thought he was going to have a heart attack (until he started breathing normally again to help the nurse to stop freaking out).


Position yourself in your most comfortable meditation posture. Relax your body, mind, and emotions. Witness the way you are breathing. As you can see, you are hardly inhaling or exhaling at all. Maybe the air is only going 2 or 3 inches down into your chest and only 2 or 3 inches out from your nose. Every cell in your body is nourished by oxygen and weak inhalations deny us the energy supplying air we need. Similarly, our feeble exhalations don’t allow us to expel the poisonous gasses lying deep in our lungs. This is why we often feel run down, crabby, and sleepy. The purpose of this technique is to cleanse your body, mind, emotions, and spirit by taking in a healthy, therapeutic dose of oxygen and ridding yourself of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other impurities. You are going to achieve this purification by totally filling and completely emptying your lungs. The 4 - 4 - 8 Pranayama (breathing technique) will achieve a tremendous cleansing and revitalization throughout your entire body. Enhanced clarity of thought and uplifted emotions are always byproducts of this classic method.

Inhale deeply for 4 units of time. Fill your lungs completely, so you can see and feel your abdomen distend. Retain your breath for the count of 4 and then exhale for the count of 8. Any rhythm that you naturally establish is the right one for you, so if your units are 4 one second units of time for inhaling, 4 of retention and 8 seconds for exhaling, that’s fine. You can’t do this wrong.

When you inhale for a count of 4, visualize all divine and healthy qualities coming to you. See and feel yourself inhaling purity, sweetness, gentleness, health, vitality, tranquility, and so on. While retaining your breath for the count of 4, visualize all these attributes filling every cell in your body. Now exhale all impurities and un-divine qualities for a count of 8. See and feel pain, anger, illness, ignorance, impatience, and so on, leave you.

As with many pranayama techniques, it is recommended that you do it for either 3 sets of 12 repetitions each, or 12 sets of 12 repetitions. Each cycle consists of inhaling for 4 units of time, retaining 4 and exhaling 8. As you get into a rhythm, it will become easy and appropriate to see and feel yourself as pure, filled with light, energy, and love.

Although this meditation technique is specifically designed as a healthy cleansing, many have found it to be a perfect technique to use as their primary meditation method. As with all meditation techniques, it is far better to do them then simply to read about them. Do this method, experience its’ results and achieve Knowledge, Consciousness, Bliss, and Peace and live happily ever after.

Void Meditation
This is a technique that someone I know cooked up. Personally, I believe it is rather difficult, but I also believe that it has been utilized successfully in the past.


1. find a comfortable position to sit or lay down in.

2. use a hand sign, this will make it much easier to meditate in the future by having your body and mind associate the hand sign to meditation, thus calming your mind and body.

3. close your eyes.

4. let your mind play out its thoughts, focus on a void, or an absence of everything. dont force the thoughts out, let them leave on their own.

5. if you cannot just let your thoughts play out and focus on the void, repeating a mantra, such as "clear mind", or focusing on your breathing can also help clear the mind.

6. you will start to feel weights on your body, this is natural, let it happen.

7. after your mind feels like it has become one with the void, you are now in gnosis. congratulations!

The Freya Technique
I may need some help finding out the actual name for this, because when I was being told how to do this...I didn't get the name of it. The name I have right now is inspired by the person who told me how to do it.

Find a comfortable place, sit down, and close your eyes. Try to get settled in, then try to keep your mind clear. When random good thoughts/feelings wash through you, hold onto those feelings and let go of the bad ones. As you're doing all this, try to focus on a high pitch sound. You may have to concentrate, but they can be heard ANYWHERE...you just need to tune your mind into that frequency. In doing those things, you can enjoy your meditative experience.

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A Few (very) Different Techniques Empty Re: A Few (very) Different Techniques

Post  Fraga on Sun Oct 07, 2012 5:08 pm

that's something really interesting. According to Robert Anton Wilson's interpretation of Timothy Leary's 8 circuit consciousness model, Man lives through the "impressions" made on him, throughout life, that shape him, his mind, body and personality.

In the second circuit, the territorial one (that comes after the first one, the bio-survival circuit, whose impression on the person comes in the breast feeding stage), man learns where he stands among his tribe - it corresponds to the toddler fase, when the chid begins wandering around, and there he learns what he can or cannot do, who is above and below him in status. We can see this ends up shaping and defining a big majority of human interactions.

Anton Wilson proposes some similar breathing exercices, in order to calm down the volatile nature of this circuit( as well as some others), claiming that they are a gateway to a place where Man has the ability to define and undestand himself by his own choice, rather than being defined by a set of moments ad circunstances that shaped him throughout his life.
I can also relate this to some views of magick, in what refers the concept-control training part.

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A Few (very) Different Techniques Empty Re: A Few (very) Different Techniques

Post  Brian on Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:50 pm

The biggest problem I had with the 4-4-8 method was visualizing breathing in happiness and breathing out hate. Eventually I came up with what I use today which is that I'm surrounded by smoke of one color, I use blue, that represents all things good. You can use any color that you strongly associate with goodness and joy, like he said there's no wrong way to do this. Then, as I breathe out, I exhale a smoke of a different color, I use red, but you should use whatever color you strongly associate with hate, evil, and all things bad. When I started using this technique I started getting awesome results.


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A Few (very) Different Techniques Empty Void Meditation Guide

Post  Karma on Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:16 am

its nice to see my guide being posted in other places. thank you for spreading it.

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A Few (very) Different Techniques Empty Re: A Few (very) Different Techniques

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