Deftones, and the Aesthetic and Intuitive properties of the Occult

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Deftones, and the Aesthetic and Intuitive properties of the Occult Empty Deftones, and the Aesthetic and Intuitive properties of the Occult

Post  Fraga on Thu Nov 08, 2012 6:55 pm

Guys, bear with me. I self-actualize by means of intense insights, one intense burst at a time; here's one.

Personally i enjoy this band quite a lot. To those who do, please do it and bear the following in mind. Those who don't, please listen to something (preferably new to yourself) that blows your mind away.
I must say i'm not sober listening to this, i'm high. Here's the deal.

Listen to Rosemary. To me, it is as if this song's etheric grandeur makes my soul vibrate more intensely, my atoms are moving quicker now, i'm vibrating. It ranges from Angel like clouds of light and vibration to misterious purple and black over-the-swamp fog, with a boat and death rowing it and a blazing mountain in the background.
The lyrics, even though i don't pay too much attention, strike me when i least expect with loose words and expressions like "we've discovered the entry to other planes" and "our minds bend". This ecstatic feeling makes me shiver, and it manifests in me in songs with these atmosferic grandeur and power and precise eloquence.

Not to wind you up with my esthetic binge of mental images, i wonder now what this means for the soul. I sorta suspect that this particular band may be involved with some sort of music industry MK Ultra programming, in the same sense that explains (in a rather complain like tone, not to my liking, but nevertheless). The lyrics relate to such things in my mind, and in the deepest part of me i feel astounded that such beauty (in my eyes) can come from sources so deep in mainstream... this "femme fatale" atraction strikes me, making me feel strangely attracted to a certain dangerous thrilling beauty... Maybe only because of the mind-control folklore that surrounds, inside my mind, Deftones. Maybe because of an awe like attraction to something that is not entirely controlable, maybe dangerous. Like a crazy binge like moment (that crosses my imagination sometimes) where one stands dancing in the midst of a eletric storm, tempting the gods to strike you down, feeling the full might of the elements, but dancing through them to the sound of one beautiful tune.

Leaving the certainty of the MK Ultra assumption aside, for it is not that important, something makes me wonder as to the brilliance and sheer power that aesthetic insights like these have. Some occult/art theory teacher from england, so tells me a dear friend who attended some sort of conference by her, states that it is your astral body that gets involved with intuitive and artistic creation. She says that the Soul-experiences Theosophy proposed in the beggining of the twentieth century were instrumental in the modernist movement, going as far as being the conceptual starting point of many works. Supposedly Einstein's E=mc2 is the mathematical formula for the spiritual adage that all is energy, and that there is no matter and matter is false.

Not wanting to get lost in the verifying of this hearsay and insight, i would like to ask your aid, oh School of Athens. Intuition, Creative process, Occult, Magic, Astral matters. What Connections are there? Pratical Magic. The Hands of Man, shaping and being shaped. God this shit is beautiful.

At the moment, in this state where i am entranced by this music, this is taking me so many places in my mind. And this makes me be certain, have faith and be extremely secure inside, that the power of the individual is greater than our own imagination, and that no harm can come to the Son of Man. Nothing shall be denied to the Son of Man. I Knock at Heaven's Door, and Athens, i bid you to look at the way i knock, and speak to me of thine opinion. I feel like i'm at the entrance of a great mistery. But this door, standing in the middle of a plain, 50 meters high, 20 wide, apparently splitting only pieces of air, when opened, holds the dweller in the deep.

whatever guys. This is my favourite activity btw, imagining. Is this not magic? in a pratical way. And this i ask to you, Mohz; in the sense that you have described magic in your award winning thread :p, what's this?

Sincerely, Fraga.


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Deftones, and the Aesthetic and Intuitive properties of the Occult Empty Re: Deftones, and the Aesthetic and Intuitive properties of the Occult

Post  Mohz on Tue Nov 13, 2012 3:31 pm

Yes, I would say this is a practical form of magick and a very difficult one. Like you say, you discovered something deep and personal in a place you wouldn't expect. That is essentially the discovery of the wider self, of reducing separation.
If there's one thing I can say to this in regards to my experience, it's that imagination is real. It is very, very powerful and has its source in the collective astral consciousness.

The degree of percieved separation is in direct inverse correlation with the degree of magick power, so to speak. The less separation, the more tangible magick.

The difficulty with an insight of this sort is not inducing a moment of bliss and constantly being validated by that sort of feeling, but accepting that those things you are not entirely comfortable and familiar with are other parts of you. And they don't need to be changed for one to be able to see that. There are many helpful questions to ask oneself when going in this direction. Who is experiencing? Where is the sensation taking place? Is it in a place at all?

I personally feel that Tool's lyrics embody this kind of insight; "Look inside and you will find, that we are all one big mind."

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