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Haze Here, Offering a Hand When I Can Empty Haze Here, Offering a Hand When I Can

Post  HazeTheGecko on Sun Oct 21, 2012 4:21 am

Hello members of Athens.

My internet alias is HazeTheGecko, or Haze for short.

I'm rather new to the whole ordeal, but I'm going through a process known as a spiritual awakening.
These experiences seem to be flooding me now, ranging from AP to quite vivid and aware/lucid dreams. At times I feel like I have a sensory overload because of the sudden change. I know it may sound odd to hear, but I went through years of "Black Sleep" and now I feel like I'm having a dream every night.

In my dreams I see quite a bit. Tethers between worlds, beings made of light, alien landscapes, and obscure symbolism. I have difficulty talking about it a lot as I don't know who to talk to or whether what I say is safe to say at times. All I know is that now I feel connected to something that wasn't fully there before, or at least more aware of it's presence. I also feel like I can commune with this presence and actually communicate with it.

It feels really good, to be blunt, and now a larger portion of my thoughts revolve around bringing others to this level.

However I will be straight and up front from the get-go, I have a hard time discussing my experiences. I can't really explain it, it's like hearing something say "no, not yet, wait". Yet I don't understand why just yet. They're not bad experiences though, in fact they're quite the opposite.

I hope to learn a lot here, maybe help others in their path in whatever way I can.

My interest list is basically:
Atlantis (My interest severely spiked after my awakening)
Thoth and the Emerald Tablets
Energy Manipulation
Lucid Dreaming
Chakra Meditation/Healing
Kundalini Awakening
Split-Consciousness Projecting
Beings made of Light

I'll try to help out best as I can, even with my inexperience.

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Haze Here, Offering a Hand When I Can Empty Re: Haze Here, Offering a Hand When I Can

Post  _s on Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:43 pm

HazeTheGecko wrote:Hello members of Athens.
Awesome. If you want to know more about magic, I'd highly suggest Mohz's thread.
I was also thinking about influencing society to be more conductive to awakening; not seriously, at this point, but as an interesting intellectual exercise.

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