First Impressions Produce a Sleeper Effect

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First Impressions Produce a Sleeper Effect Empty First Impressions Produce a Sleeper Effect

Post  question on Mon Oct 15, 2012 12:14 am

First impressions produce a Sleeper Effect. Over a period of roughly nine weeks, initial cognitive response to stimulus degrades, but emotional residue from initial contact remains. This is what renders propaganda effective. The mind holds on to pathos longer than logos, allowing one to implant a desired message by using time and natural human psychology to bypass peoples' conscious minds. This is according to research by Carl Hovland, communication theorist and founder of the Yale Communication Research Program.

So, basically, first impressions really are important. Our parents were right. Wink

Hello, my name is Question . I am no age and from no place. I have several years experience in the occult, however most of this experience is first hand and based on an ever-changing, home-made system rooted in the Chaos Magic viewpoint. As such, I know a little about a lot. Of course, quantization is always relative, so we'll have to discuss things to see how much we know relative to one another.

One of my jobs deals with multimedia: writing, photography, video, editing and design. As such, I tend to think of things in terms of communication models. Physicists think of the universe through the filter of action-reaction. I think of the universe through Sender-Receiver-Feedback. (Well, actually, I'm more into the models based on Claude Shannon's Mathematical Theory of Communication[also known as Information Theory] but that gets really, well, mathematical.)

Currently(for the past couple of years), I've been focused on exploring the idea of an underlying pattern(s) to the nature of existence. Prisca Theologia. Jungian Archetypes. Implicate-Order Theory. That sort of thing. I believe understanding the subtle nature of how attitudes and ideas interact with one another(and how those interactions produce physical outcomes) will help one to use their occult skills more efficiently and effectively, as well as providing personal spiritual growth.

Outside of the occult and mass communication(what am I saying, these are basically my life, they color everything I do), I'm way into live music, psychedelics, literature, conversation and PARTIES!(bro!)

I have a better-than-your-average-bear grasp of (capital)Philosophy, as well as Classical, Norse and Arthurian Mythologies.

My aims for membership here are to continue discussion of the occult(although conspiracy theories of fun, too.) I'm here to learn and to pass on what I've found. I'd also love to work on collaborative occult projects, if anyone else is into that sort of thing.

I am, however, willing to discuss anything, so throw me Question s!

I am not always this wordy, I just wanted to make my first impression seem competent(and hopefully interesting!)

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