On Methodology In Spiritual and Magickal Practice

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Post  Mohz on Tue Nov 13, 2012 4:51 pm

In the case of the above exercise, it is relatively easy to perform an internal vision and manifestation for a short duration of time. Now, we are going to explore the same type of action but in the environment of the physical world. This can be very frustrating. It can also be very easy... but most likely, if you are committed to it, it will be somewhere in between. Either way, it is going to offer plenty of information regarding the use of magick.

Difficulty and Purgatory Syndrome

Before I discuss any "how" regarding this type of act, as we are beginning to go beyond the limits of what the majority of people would even consider to be possible, I am going to emphasize something that is incredibly important to my understanding. As I have described earlier, the essential ingredient is the act of reducing separation between the present state and the goal-state, between the self and the other, between the want and don't want. It doesn't matter how much one thinks one understands this and is "ready" to see what they are able to do. The more eager one is, the less likely it is that one will be able to do so, and it is because they keep missing this fact, creating a sense of separation that is in need of being transcended - this keeps reinforcing that separation. The most obvious way this manifests consciously is a need for proof, an expectation. But separation can always be reduced. There is no end to it. In fact, it is the most important aspect of understanding "how" to do something unusual.

Why is this so important? Because we are already doing magick all of the time. It is quite possible that, for some people, this is frustrating to no end to hear, but any percieved difficulty is a personally manifested difficulty. I am going to put it as simply as I can, but as I understand it, it's magick in the other direction, the magician's act of creative self-delusion. But what does this mean? Why are things difficult and for what reason on earth would we limit ourselves? Surely, everybody would want to be able to transcend all limitations and have mind-boggling acts of power at their disposal?

The reason is that we are born with a limitless supply of ultimate magick ability, and being fully aware of this on a level beyond the conscious mind and its thoughts, get ourselves trapped in our reality tunnels in order to experience something that we value. This type of value has nothing to do with positive or negative connotations. There is no higher purpose, no goal to transcend, no journey. There is no path. Reality does not involve the slightest purpose in either a positive or negative direction. There is a complete freedom of choice.

For this reason, the majority of people, being fully aware that they are completely free and limitless, want to experience not being free, being limited, precisely because it is such a creative reconfiguration of that magick power. For the vast majority of people, satisfaction and accomplishment is not valued unless it is justified by something. Most people want the experience of having to work for their happiness, having satisfaction in limited supply, and the easiest way to do so is to buy into the limits of societal beliefs. Some people want to be fully limited, period, and never experience satisfaction. There is no lesser or greater purpose in this act. It is all about what one deeply values as real, as important and vivid. If it is important to keep an identity that is in the state of limitation, one will keep up that limitation and find all kinds of justifications to maintain it. This is not to say that people delude themselves. Any experience is fully real. There is no point to discuss whether some are more able than others in their magick.

The reason I am stating this is because the idea of having to work and train hard to achieve an accomplishment and ability is not an absolute truth. It can be abandoned at any moment. In fact, it is so disturbingly easy to abandon that type of belief that if you ever do it, there will be a complete end to a majority of the sensations and thoughts that most of us would view as natural to the course of physical experience. The way I see it, complete satisfaction is disheartening. It is like being dead. Working for satisfaction is not. The key here is to increase self-awareness to the point that one does not get oneself into a complete dead-end where there is no sense of purpose, either in complete disappointment or complete satisfaction, but a balance that one finds comfortable and keeps a sense of vitality. That is why I value the word practicing. Please note that these are my personal views and you are free to form your reality tunnel in the way you wish. But I would venture a guess that if you experience the least form of struggle, it is because you value it.

This is my point. The key to reducing separation is reducing that intense dislike of struggle, of disappointment and doubt, and being aware that even if you do accomplish something, it does not state anything unusual, just as a failure does not say something final about your capabilities. One does not "lose" or "gain" power. One directs it in different ways. The point of getting where you are comfortable is getting in touch with where you are directing your magick in the first place. That understanding alone will unlock innate capabilities to the point that it requires no thought and no effort. It comes automatically and naturally. The very intention to understand one's magick is an intention to use it differently - an intention that reverberates into the depths of one's relationship with existence. Make no mistake; you are in charge around here, in your personal experience of reality.

The reason I am writing this is to dispel the reasoning of many magick practicioners, of suffering from what I call purgatory syndrome; not being able to do anything they want and not knowing how or why, so they become obsessed with finding techniques. If they do come through at some point, they have to pay a price of some sort and that is to become afflicted with a negative condition of some kind, having negative consequences. So much pointless seriousness! Any sense of difficulty is alone a communication by yourself, to yourself, of not following your natural, flowing state. And the only reason one would do that would be due to a perception of separation.

Spooky Action At A Distance; Psi-Wheel

It is probably easiest to begin exploring one's magick energy interacting with physical reality through the use of a psi-wheel.

The psi-wheel is a very simple device, a square of folded paper placed on a needlepin:
On Methodology In Spiritual and Magickal Practice - Page 2 282315-psi-wheels-anyone-play-one-these-making-psiwheel

Do not take this seriously, and do not expect anything unusal to happen. Begin by meditation, dancing, yoga, exercise, whichever is your favorite way to attune. The key here is to explore the flexibility of your state of mind, not what is "out there".

Place the psi-wheel on a nearby flat surface. Forget all those videos on youtube and do not put your hand anywhere near it. Remain as relaxed as possible.

The most common mistake that I think people make here is that they expect that if it is going to happen, they are going to be consciously able to control it by the slightest thought, become absolutely astounded by it and be completely carefree for a long time. If that doesn't happen, they haven't done it at all and they become disappointed.

The point here is to reduce separation between yourself and this object. Observe it and relax. Do not expect it to do anything. It may already be moving haphazardly, and if so, do not expect to change the course of its movement.

Now, there are either two ways to go about this. The first is the simple, difficult way. Completely drop all sense of separation. You are the psi-wheel, and you are doing what it is doing. Explore that sensation, and let the psi-wheel do the work.

This is the difficult part of this reduction of separation: When a considerable effect actually happens, it is not likely that there will be any thoughts, any reactions at all. There will not even be any feeling. You will be completely blank.

So, the best way to reduce that separation is, indeed, to become blank. Do not disturb the nature of this moment, do not struggle, do not "un-struggle". Let things be just as they are. In that way, you will naturally be filled with a sense of, well, no separation between you and the psi-wheel. It will be more like a sense of no-sense, of void. If there is the slightest thought of like or dislike in this process, you will immediately become disappointed. The more you can deepen that blank pull-state regardless of what you are seeing or thinking about what you are seeing, the more it will do what you want. You will feel it. There will be no doubt.

This is very simple on a surface-level, but like all magick it can be applied to absolutely anything and everything. But an exercise of this type is a good way to practice that intuitive sense so that you are able to use it in more interesting endeavors.

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On Methodology In Spiritual and Magickal Practice - Page 2 Empty Re: On Methodology In Spiritual and Magickal Practice

Post  Mohz on Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:15 pm

Spooky Action At A Distance; Small Object

In case there are ideas lingering of air pressure affecting the psi-wheel, this is going to be a very different experience and potentially very difficult. Now we are going to apply the same technique but to an object small enough to be easy to work with, but large enough that there is no way it could move on its own. A small piece of plastic such as a pencil sharpener is ideal.

Essentially, the only challenge here is changing the approach from "reacting" to an event, and moving into direction of no separation between what is percieved and experienced, and then changing the energy of the situation. What is this "changing the energy"? What does it involve? I am going to try to explain it as well as I can.

The ideal state for this operation is a prolonged state of deep gnosis, preferably longer than a day. The more peaceful and intimate you are with your experience of your surroundings, the more calm and patient you are, the easier it is going to be. It is not necessary for this to take any prolonged time of concentration. The actual operation can happen in less than five minutes. The preparation is the difficult and lengthy part, which is what I have talked about so far in this thread. Some people want an operation of this kind to happen without the preparation. It will never happen without preparation.

Essentially, the ground-state of no separation with one's momentary experience is usually a blankness, but that is because it is a very free state; we can change our perceptual reality to something different than what we are used to... or we can return to familiar waters.

The exercise of the pull-state in in the creation of the tulpa is going to be very helpful, because it is a pointer to how this action is going to be performed. The difference is that we do it with our eyes open, and it is directly related to something that we think we know as an external and solid object.

I think it is best to prepare with meditation, that is not done with the object in place but somewhere else. I'm talking deep meditation, several hours a day of it is preferable. If you don't have an experience of gnosis, unshakeable knowing, it is probably not going to work. You need to know that the only way you can do it is to follow that inner voice, without effort, because otherwise, all you are doing is fighting yourself and it is going to be very frustrating.

Place the object on a nearby, flat surface. Do not move your hands anywhere near it. Take a look at the object. Notice whenever there is a thought of moving the object, and the accompanying sense of solidity in your chest. You cannot bypass this solidity by your thoughts. This is the essential illusion and obstacle in this operation; the sense of solidity in your chest, the impatience, the sense itself of facing an obstacle that has to be surmounted. Not the outside object.

What is necessary is to move from that inner sense of solidity, to a sense of blankness, and then to a sense of familiarity and flexibility. The object should feel pliable just by looking at it. There should be no effort.

The problem is that, in habitual behavior, we are reinforcing our knowledge of solidity so unconsciously and repeatedly that it is going to be near impossible to simply remove it at a whim just because we want to. So we need to bring about that gnosis, that knowing that everything you see is not separated from you. It is not even a reflection of you. It is you.

The only purpose here is to know the object, to experience it without reaction, without thought. You should experience it as if you had just been born. Every sensation of this object is related to the object; not just the visual input, but the sense of the object, the feel of it. When you know the object, the object knows you.

The mistake that everybody does in this action is that they immediately know, without thinking, the sense of the object as solid, and then try to bypass that solidity by some stupid thought exercise, fighting against the solidity, not knowing that they are creating the solidity in the first place.

So, what we are going to do is to not allow the solidity to distract us. We are going to maintain concentration in a state of blank, free space. When we then begin to feel the object more intimately, and more as an extension of ourselves, and truly know this to the point that we feel incredibly calm and patient in this exercise - almost in love with the object - it is going to move on its own. Very slightly. But as part of gnosis, we do not just see things happening, we know them to happen, and with no doubt, we are going to know when the object is moving on its own, and we are going to know that we are moving it. It requires no thought.

I am confident that regardless of the equanimity that is necessary to bring you up to the event, when it actually happens it is going to disturb that peace! You are most likely going to be very surprised and somewhat unnerved. But it is not very special, apart from the fact that you are getting to know yourself as a free magician. This is not going to cause flowers to rain down from the sky, but it's likely going to make you very calm and rejuvenated after the initial surprise.

Nevertheless, do not be surprised that even if you have done it and seen it with your own eyes, you are going to return to a state where you know without a doubt that it is impossible to do an operation like this. This is because all of reality is a matter of choice, not absolute truth.

If we want to be free magicians, we have to make the deliberate choice to be free magicians and, in every moment, get to know ourselves as free magicians, instead of poor and helpless individuals stuck in an external world with its consequences and limits. Leave that behind. Get to know yourself as a free magician. The door is open.

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